Alex and Chloe approached me last year to ask if I would like to join them in Italy for their wedding this September. To document their day in my style. I love shooting weddings in Italy and Chloe and Alex are amazing people. I knew it was a perfect fit.

Fast forward almost a year and to the planning of a location for their pre wedding session. Alex told me they love Brewdog and could we shoot the whole session there. We couldn’t be more on the same page. Anyone that knows me knows of my love for Brewdog. My first date was in one (with whom I’ll be marrying in 2019 🙂 I’ve travelled to Rome, Berlin and Barcelona to visit their bars and had many great times with my friends up and down the UK.

A whole shoot inside in Brewdog? Let’s do it!

Here is a small selection of images from the time we had.

Massive thank you to the brewdog staff for allowing us in before opening hours.





Jeni x

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