I’m completely in love with shooting Polaroid and film, I just love the colours and soul that film brings to my images. I’ve shot Polaroid for myself for a while, and now I add them into sessions because I think it’s something lovely for people to keep; unedited and real.
Losing my mum suddenly last year played a big part in my decision to begin moving into shooting 100% on film, and though losing Mum devastated me, it also helped me find the courage to be individual and to shoot how my heart makes me feel. To take the risk. To push myself in my work and to document your beautiful stories exactly as they happen; real and unstaged.

Mum brought us up to believe that anything is possible. She always told us to love hard, to be whatever we wanted to be, to take risks, but above all else to just be happy. For me happiness is taking pictures.

I’m extremely fortunate that my clients have taken me all over the world to document their stories. From London to Hong Kong to Lake Tahoe, their photographs are all about their stories. Their special places.

We hang out, we laugh, and we take pictures of how they feel. To me this is what photography is all about… it’s about you.

My ultimate goal as a photographer is to create timeless, beautiful images as they happen. It’s not my job to jump in, rearrange things and repeatedly ask if you can ‘do that again’ – it’s your shoot, your session, your day.

Choosing a photographer, for whatever purpose, isn’t just about their work, it’s also about the person. To trust someone with some of the biggest events in your life, to really click with them and be able ‘let them in’ is, in my opinion, one of the hardest things to do.

Most people find having their pictures taken a very strange and bizarre experience, it isn’t something that many of us do on a regular basis, which is why you need to find a photographer that helps you feel completely comfortable.

My approach to any session is relaxed, fun and most importantly all about you! I take the time to get to know my clients. I want to know what you love – and what you don’t! I want to hear about all the little details that got you here, the first date, the proposal, the drastic career change; whatever it may be. But most importantly, I want to help let your personality shine through in a situation that is alien to most.

My job is to work to capture and create the images that tell your unique and wonderful story.

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