Today is about celebrating women. Equality. Struggles that women have and continue to have.

I have had the pleasure of spending time with Libby, Petrina and David (Libby’s parents) and her brother Leo on a few occasions now. Originally one of my Purple Heart Sessions it has since developed into a really lovely friendship.

I asked Petrina to tell me more about Libby in her own words…

‘Libby is the strongest woman you know.
She actually saved a lost soul a few weeks ago……a Mum’s son came out as being trans…..Mum was completely lost and regularly going to councillor sessions to deal with her feelings. The Mum came to meet us as a family. We spent 5 hours consoling the lady and listening. It was harrowing seeing her pain. Two weeks later…..we meet her and her husband and were told that after meeting Libby, this lady cancelled her counselling and has now accepted her wonderful son and couldn’t be happier!
Libby is no ordinary daughter Jeni. She has so much love in her heart. Real unconditional love. Her love for other people almost causes her pain, she breaks down and lays her feelings down in front of our eyes. She is always saying that she needs to help and she wants to tell her story to help. She defies gravity with a strength that should never be taken away from her!’






Meeting her for the first time she was so welcoming of me, even with my camera. Excited to be photographed.

She showed me her bedroom. Her shelf full of ornaments from her Nan’s house that held memories for her.  She feels very much like an old soul. Wise and strong beyond her years.





‘Being a woman is beautiful, I’m excited about being a Mum and grateful to one day have that opportunity. I can then teach my children to love others unconditionally no matter who they are and teach them manners ()! I want to live the dream of being a successful woman and have a big loving family….bigger than the one I’ve got already. My life and future is not about being a hairdresser or a dress maker it’s about teaching people about acceptance and to support anyone who needs my help. My mum is my role model, I love her inner beauty, I love how she loves people but not her cooking skills’ – Libby





Jeni x


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